Machine Gun Maggie



Position –   Blocker/Pivot/Jammer     

Years in Derby - 2019 will be my 6th year. Got starting in Alabama and have played for 3 Michigan teams.

Pronouns - She/her


Hobbies -  Smooching all the animals possible, reading, lifting weights, watching trash TV and drinking wine.

Notable achievements - BCCK MVP Blocker 2017 and 2018.

Fun Fact - I love things that have animals with big glasses on them! 

Why did you chose your derby name? - I chose it because when I played in Alabama, my name used to be Nikki Sixshooter. Then when I came to MI, it was taken on the the old name registry, and so I had to change it. I wanted to stick with the same theme so I decided with a Machine Gun instead of a Six Shooter.