Captain 2019 -- Interleague Coordinator

Position - Blocker/Pivot

Years in Derby - 3 years total.

Pronouns - She/her

Hobbies - Crafting jewelry and dreamcatchers, watching horror movies and WFTDA games on YouTube, and Chicks in Bowls Southwest Michigan Chapter.  


Notable achievements - 

Cops and Robbers 2018 Announcer's Choice, MVP Blocker 8/25/18, MVP Blocker 12/1/18, MVP Blocker 2018, Best Attendance 2018, Captain 2019

Fun Fact - I wrote a full 50,000 word novel in 8th grade.

How did you come up with your name? – It’s a pun on famous Native American Sacagawea. I am ½ Native, belonging to two tribes, and I wanted to honor that side of my heritage. Also #100 because Sacagawea was on the $1.00 coin.